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Neel Thakrar

Co-Founder & CEO, Tuck

This helped to improve Tuck with loads of quick UX improvements that I could just take away and plug-in to my product with ease

Calypso Rose

Founder, The Indytute & Deal Delivers

‘Rob and Better UX Playbook helped me improve the product pages & checkout flow of my store. The strategies were super quick to apply and stopped me getting loads of complaints from customers'

Strategies for mobile, web and desktop products

Save $$$ on UX audits and reviews. Using these methods, you can improve every part of your product with detailed examples and explanations.

Measure impact using Google’s HEART framework

Using Google’s HEART framework, you can match your UX improvements with your business metrics. Watch your product drive business growth with every change.

Perfect for founders, startups and consultants alike

Wether you’re building your own product, working in a startup or at an agency – plug-in a resource built over 10 years. Smash your targets, surpass your milestones and wow your clients for only $49

Yours forever. No recurring fees. Lifetime updates. All for only $49.

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Why Better UX Playbook is so useful


Instant access to 100+ effective strategies

Your time is money. You could spend weeks or months trying to find UX improvements for your product or you could get a huge database in seconds.


Built on over 10 years of product knowledge

I’ve built this list by working on some of biggest products in the world with the best teams in the world such as Waitrose, Dunelm, TVG and much more.


Proven to improve retention and increase revenue

Good retention is the lifeblood of any SaaS product. Your customers don’t just expect a product, they expect the perfect product. Reduce churn with a few simple tweaks.


Rooted in psychology, tested by professinals

These strategies are backed by psychology understand and rigurously tested methods I’ve collated from industry leaders or conducted myself.


Quick sort by estimated effort and aticipated impact

Reduce the guesswork and risk. Plan with your next product development cycle by sorting against effort/impact. Figure out the ROI on every move.


No costly audits. No upsell. Free lifetime updates.

I’m not trying to ‘hook’ you. This isn’t a lead magnet. What you’re buying is what you get. I’ll add new strategies every month and you’ll reap the benefits MoM, forever.

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Rob. I’ve been a UX designers for around 10 years. I started my career in eCommerce, but over the years I’ve worked with some amazing companies on some amaziing products such as Waitrose, Dunelm, TVG, JEGI and more.

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What format does the file come in?

The file is in an Airtable document. You’re free to download it as a PDF or CSV if you want.

Can I share the file with others?

Only within the same company or team. Please don't be a dick and give/re-sell it to other people 🙏.

Do you offer student discounts?

Absolutely. You can DM on @heymynameisrob or email me with proof you're a student and i'll sort you out a discount code.

Are you planning to support PPP?

Yes. Watch this space!

How frequently is the file updated?

There isn't a set update schedule but usually monthly.

Are you available for hire?

Yes, you can email me to setup a call. However I only take on a few projects a year.